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NOTE: This page is different than the original Threats/Vandalism page. Mr. Costello could not find the info for the original pages so I will make due. Also, as of 2/22/2019, her website was finally taken down on or before this date.

From what I have gathered, the original Threats/Vandalism page had information on it about a sign Mr. Costello had put up at the front of PSJ on the fence that surrounds the pump station in front of CVS. The sign advertised this website (MaureenRupeExposed.com) and within minutes of being posted the sign had been vandalised. Mr. Costello rightly filed a Sheriff's report about it. That Sheriff's report was linked from the Threats/Vandalism page, a pic of the vandalised sign was posted here and a scan of the Sheriff's Deputy's business card (with badge number) was scanned and posted. That's apparently what led to the Ethics Commission complaint that Mr. Rupe filed against this site.

Mr. Rupe's complaint against the MaureenRupeExposed.com website is available as the first page and second page. They are an amusing read. The Florida Ethics Commission's response to Mr. Rupe's complaint is available, too. The State's response proves the complaint Mr. Rupe filed was invalid and that the website had nothing on it that could bring about action by the State. That's not what Mr. Rupe wanted, or he wouldn't have filed the complaint. Question: Was it really Mr. Rupe who filed the complaint? It's something to consider when you compare the writing patterns of the e-mails from Maureen Rupe to Space Coast Conservative (and now this website) and the wording of the complaint. There seem to be major similarities.

Mr. Costello still has a good copy of the MaureenRupeExposed.com sign and has offered me a pic of it. I may take him up on that picture offer just to help complete the record.

The fact that Maureen Rupe has complained about this site being up and alleged that it was going to porn sites is an indication that it still irks her that the site is available. What she seems to forget is that this portion of PSJ History is, in fact, her own doing and that if her husband and she had not filed the complaint, then this portion of history would not be here. The fact that she wants it taken down and forgotten, wiped from history, is indicative of what she does not want people to remember or know about in the future. That, to me, makes keeping this site available to as many people as possible imperative. If liberals want to hide the truth, they won't have any success in doing so by asking me to help them.

Then there's the 2008 e-mail that was sent to MaureenRupeExposed.com from a former Sheriff's Deputy. This is the email referenced on page one of the Rupes' Ethics Committee complaint against this website:

"From: kellisonp@bellsouth.net
"To: info@rupeexposed.com
"Sent: Thursday, June 19, 2008 10:43 AM

"Mr costello and mickle; You might want to get your facts right before telling the citizens that Mrs Rupe is not QUALIFIED to be our next County Commisioner.

"#1. I am the one who spearheaded the votes for us to become a city. Now for your information and fact, look at what's happening to Port St John. The city of Titusville is moving in because of people like you two.

"#2. I am also the one that spearheaded the one cent tax hike because it was alreasy [sic] in effect ansd [sic] had been since 1999.

"#3. When you two decide to get your facts straight, make sure all your paperwork is in tack [sic] for the I.R.S. after you [sic] collection of non political [sic] monies that I will expose.

"Sincerely Jim Kellison

"P.S. Mickel [sic]; you never cease to amaze me."
Jim Kellison was a BCSO Agent of the North Precinct General Crime Unit. Rich Mickle is the former President of the Port St. John Civic League and has/had some sort of connection to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office union for many years. Pete Costello is the former Spokesperson/V.P. for the PSJ Civic League and former owner of MaureenRupeExposed.com.

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This website is now owned and operated by Linda McKinney.


Pd. Pol. Adv, Paid for by MaureenRupeExposed Political Action Committee, 621 Altura Dr., Cocoa, FL 32927

(NOTE: This campaign was over in 2008. This P.A.C. is no longer active, and no longer in effect. This website is now owned and operated by Linda McKinney.)


Mr. Rupe's Complaint to the Ethics Commission, page 1

Mr. Rupe's Complaint to the Ethics Commission, page 2

Florida Ethics Committee Response to Mr. Rupe's Complaint

Her Campaign Website Taken Down On or Before 2/22/2019

"When I was 17 and stubbornly refused to go to college..." (Taken down with her website.)

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