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NOTE: This page is different than the original Resources page. Mr. Costello could not find the info for the original pages so I will make due. Also, as of 2/22/2019 her webmaster has finally removed her website from the internet so you will either have to find a way online to get to the info that used to be on the links, or you can contact her yourself and ask if she has a copy of the website pages she used for her 2008 D1 County Commission campaign.

During the Maureen Rupe campaign someone got creative and did a few editorial cartoons about the things Ms Rupe put on her campaign website. Those editorial cartoons are now available to me.

Ms Rupe's original "PSJ's Historic Flirt with Incorporation" page apparently never mentioned that she was a big part of the push FOR incorporation (nor did her second version) and that's the subject of editorial cartoon one. Her webmaster finally removed the pages that are not an actual part of the still-illegally-up-campaign website. That includes the PSJ Incorporation page, so I can't link to it anymore. I don't know what took so long (it was May 2016 before it was removed) but it has happened and I can't imagine why they are spiffing up the site now.

Ms Rupe's campaign website apparently had no political disclaimer on it when it first went up, and that's the subject of editorial cartoon two.

"From: Pat Velleca
"To: electmaureenrupe@earthlink.net
"Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 4:00 PM
"Subject: Disclaimer

"Hi Maureen,

"It was brought to my attention that there was not a disclaimer on your site, so I came to see... There isn't, don't you think you should add one? Have a great day.

"Pat Velleca
"Elections Administrative Aide
(Thanks to Linda McKinney of SpaceCoastConservative.com for the copy of that e-mail.)

Ms Rupe's campaign website says that she is for "strong managed growth" and that's editorial cartoon three.

Personally, I think they're very funny. The art work is not perfect, but they're editorial cartoons and the art work is not supposed to be Renoits! They are there to make the point and I think it was made in each one. Bravo! Bravo!

Ms Rupe's campaign website has a backdoor (NOTE: No longer available as of 2/22/2019). Check out all of the different pages (or versions of) you may not have seen. (Note: They've removed some and left only the basics now.) There are pictures, too. Note the one labeled "classroom.jpg" is actually a bunch of kids in the D1 County Commissioner's office! Note the maps in the background? Yeah. It's not a classroom. It's the meeting room of D1's office in T-ville. Now, I ask you, should that have been allowed to be used as a campaign photo op? Is that even legal to do? Should your taxpayer dollars have financed that opportunity? By the way, it's totally illegal for her website to be still available, but the fact that you can get it into it still means that it's illegally still up.

The British government commissioned several studies on the educational system. Some of them published include: Education in England: a brief history by Derek Gillard. There's also a report from 1943: White Paper: Educational Reconstruction. Also the Norwood Report of 1943; the Newsom Report (1963) Half Our Future; The Spens Report 1938 Secondary Education with Special Reference to Grammar Schools and Technical High Schools. Now compare that information to what Maureen Rupe said about Kettering Central Technical School.

I got the Treasurer Reports I was hoping to find. These are the people who supported her with their money, thought like her, believed in her:

Treasurer's Report 1   Treasurer's Report 2   Treasurer's Report 3   Treasurer's Report 4   Treasurer's Report 5   Treasurer's Report 5a

Also, you need to keep track of the history of the rupester. You can find that on my PSJ Information page. It has everything I've written about her since 2008 and before. Know the history and don't repeat it or allow it to be repeated.

Oooh! Got some goodies today! I was surprised to know that there were at least two artists who did editorial cartoons for the rupester's political campaign! I got those two today. The first one is her wanting more taxes and more government. The second is her bragging about killing CAPIT. LOVE the caricatures! Very good stuff!

Also, I stopped by Pete Costello's house because he called and said he had something for me. That something? The original PAC's bank card! He called it "priceless" and I agree especially considering the ridiculousness she's been spouting lately about this website and porn. To find the truth about that, read "Rupe's Porn Allegations" and see how ridiculous it all is. Makes me wonder about her sanity. She sent the porn allegations to all of the PSJ Advisory Board members and to County Staff, so I wrote an e-mail refuting her allegations. The TRUTH matters. She needs to learn that.

UPDATE:   Look what I found! "A Political Fairy Tale" by moi, Linda McKinney! I thought I had lost this! But I was looking through old files and there it was! Enjoy!

Thought I'd link the PSJ Incorporation page here, too, because that's where I have the PSJ4T PAC (which she was a leader in) info. After all, it was Maureen Rupe and PSJ4T who spearheaded the incorporation effort and who pushed it and LIED to the people of Port St. John, Williams Point, Delespine, Delespine and Sharpes about it. So, I think it's fair to put the link here. Remember, the Editorial Cartoons that you'll laugh your head off over are linked on the PSJ Incorporation page and you may need a good laugh now.

From my SpaceCoastConservative.com website:

Rupe ran for D1 County Commissioner in 2008 and started giving the signals (patting herself on the back in her articles) that she was going to run for public office again, so I reposted the no maureen rupe pages. Can you imagine if she had been elected County Commissioner for District 1 that covers PSJ, T-ville, Mims, Scottsmoor, Sharpes, Belleview, Williams Point, etc.? It would have been an absolute, total disaster and nightmare! (To put it mildly!) I thought it best to repost since she was threatening me again. I think she's in need of some attention but why come to me for it, I have no idea. Anyways, just in case she is running for public office again -- even as "Gnat Catcher" -- better to be prepared. Florida Toady [sic] is praising her at every opportunity now, so that's a hint. Know that these pages are the same pages -- exactly as I had them up for her D1 County Commission campaign in 2008 -- as when I had other links on my site ("Writers", etc.) and these are, as of this date, seven-year-old pages, so not all the links work. BTW, some of the links to rupester's campaign are still working although, legally they were supposed to have been removed within thirty days after being defeated in August of 2008. Links below:

moron dupe pages related to her 2008 bid for D1 County Commissioner:

Pages that are NOT related to PSJ Incorporation or her D1 Commie bid, but are about rupester.

This is the truth of what happened, backed up with quotes from Happenings, the website the PSJ incorporators, Port St. John For Tomorrow (PSJ4T), used to have up, and from their own writings, publications and quotes from meetings I attended and recorded. Everything is provable. Everything is historic fact.

I think it's important to remember this because if we forget it, some of those who wanted it in the first place are still here in PSJ and could try again. Not a good thing. Some of these pages are the originals from 2002 so you will see a different format and different colors.

Port St. John Incorporation: rupe supported it and lead the effort. Her name is on the start up papers with the Division of Corporations for the State of Florida and her name is on the closing documents. Thus, it is important to realize and remember that it was she who helped with the lies, cover-ups and manipulations of the incorporation effort. Remember that there were FIVE COMMUNITIES that the PSJ4T people brought -- without the communities' knowledge nor consent -- into the PSJ boundaries that they were trying to incorporate. The people in those communities wanted no part in it but rupe and her buddies did not care about what those residents in the Five Communities wanted. All she and her fellow PSJ4T people cared about is the power they had already divied up amongst themselves to become a city with them in power.