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NOTE: 2/22/2019:   The webmaster for her website has finally taken down the pages that I used to do this website. Either you ask her about what she said on her website, you take my word for it, or you will have to do the research yourself by going into a good search engine and going way deep into the search results and looking at cached pages. I tried the "WayBack Machine", but it wasn't helpful. Most of the links on these pages are to her original campaign website. That's down, so most of the links no longer work.

Let’s examine Maureen Rupe’s website and resume to see what she conveniently fails to expose. Neither location portrays her attraction to big government, big spending and big taxes, issues that, in our opinion, define Maureen Rupe’s political philosophy.

For example:

Maureen Rupe’s March 14th (2008) press release says she is “uniquely prepared” because she is a “longterm activist”. Well, that statement certainly holds no water. So then, what qualifications does Rupe stand on?

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Her resume shows:

  • No Diplomas, No Degrees, No Certifications

  • No employment history

  • No education in government operations

  • No specialized areas of training or expertise

  • No business experience

  • No education nor any experience managing budgets or personnel.

  • No formal education in environmental or biological sciences

What qualifies Rupe to be a County Commissioner?

In our opinion,


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Florida Ethics Committee Response to Mr. Rupe's Complaint    Her Campaign Website: Taken down on or before 2/22/2019
"When I was 17 and stubbornly refused to go to college..." Taken down with her website.

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