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Announcing the launch of the website of the
Maureen Rupe Exposed Political Action Committee

We are opposed to the candidacy of Maureen Rupe
seeking election to the seat of Brevard County Commissioner, District 1
currently occupied by Truman Scarborough.

In our opinion, Maureen Rupe is a big government, tax and spender.
She, in large part, is responsible for the enormous increase in your property taxes over the past decade,
thanks to her participation in the lawsuit that overturned "CAPIT" .

("CAPIT" was the 3% per year tax limiting referendum that voters overwhelmingly approved in 1996:
look under "Proposed Constitutional Amendments and Other Public Measures: Amendment 1 - Tax Limitation".)


Pd. Pol. Adv, Paid for by MaureenRupeExposed Political Action Committee, 621 Altura Dr., Cocoa, FL 32927

(NOTE: This campaign was over in 2008. This website is now owned and operated by Linda McKinney.)


Mr. Rupe's Complaint to the Ethics Commission, page 1

Mr. Rupe's Complaint to the Ethics Commission, page 2

Florida Ethics Committee Response to Mr. Rupe's Complaint

Her Campaign Website: Taken down on or before 2/22/2019

"When I was 17 and stubbornly refused to go to college..." Taken down with her website.

CONTACT ME: Send me an e-mail.

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