- Scuffle at HOA Meeting
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Scuffle at Meeting

Scuffle Breaks Out at October 12, 2004
PSJ Home Owners' Monthly Meeting!

This writer, accompanied by a seventeen-year-old young gentleman, was met at the door of the PSJ Public Library meeting room and, in very certain terms, told we were not welcome.

Without comment, we left. Outside the building, a moment later, we were called back by another member and invited to enter the meeting.

As that member opened the meeting room door, the Home Owners Association Door Marshall attempted to wrest the door from his control; a scuffle ensued, voices were raised, and the expected HOA mantra “Call the Sheriff! Call the Sheriff!!” was shouted.

The HOA was once a relevant and respected organization in PSJ. In the early 80’s when PSJ’s population was less than 4000, the HOA had an active and robust membership. In the mid to late 90’s, there seemed to emerge personalities whose goals now appear more self-serving than community serving. There is little doubt that those who worked to incorporate PSJ (many of whom were HOA Officers, Board Members and Committee Chairs) attempted -- and often succeeded -- in appropriating the HOA for their purposes. Fortunately, via the efforts of the “Civic League” and other citizens, the “Incorporation Referendum” went down to a resounding and humiliating defeat.  What an irony! Today, the PSJ population has swelled to approximately 25,000 and the HOA has difficulty attracting more than a dozen people to a meeting.

Their website [no longer available] states the following: “we do our part to enhance community spirit on many levels and improve the friendly, family atmosphere of our beautiful Port St. John!”.  Why then, does the HOA  post a “Door Marshall” at its public meetings?  If you disagree with the HOA, will they blackball you next?

The HOA, a once useful and pertinent organization has become a pathetic smitch.