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There they go again

By Linda McKinney

Pete Costello and I, (both PSJ HOA members) attended the monthly Board meeting @ the PSJ Community Center on June 14 @ 7:00 pm. I took written notes. 

Approximately 15 minutes into the meeting, the Treasurer, D.J. Olson, objected to our presence and my note taking.

Immediately, an obviously agitated Ed Warner, Chairman of the Board, ordered me to cease taking notes and threatened to call the Sheriff. In good conscience, I would not comply. Warner kept demanding I stop taking notes, but I made note of that. Warner stomped out of the room, found a Community Center employee and ordered her to call the Sheriff "now!"

At 7:30, a Deputy responded to the dispatch of “disturbance during a meeting” and “request for adult subject to be removed”. The Deputy spoke briefly in the hallway with Warner and left without entering the meeting room or making comment. Pete and I remained and I continued taking notes. 

The Sheriff’s report does not show Warner’s name. Did he refuse to give his name to the Sheriff? If so, why?

In addition to the wasteful expense and misuse of Sheriff's Department funds and assets, Community Center staff and about five layers of County Parks and Recreation Department personnel are likewise drawn into this incident. All wastefully paid for with your TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

Since when is it wrong to take notes at a public meeting? What are some members of the PSJ Homeowners Association afraid of; what are they trying to hide? Why do some members of the PSJ Homeowners [Association] persist in the use of bully tactics? Doesn’t this have the familiar ring of the days of the “Incorporation Battle”?

Click here to see my complete notes from the “Meeting” [link no longer available] and the "Sheriff’s Incident Report" computer generated log, and the first page and second page of what the responding (Deputy Armstrong) wrote for his report. How absurd!

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