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Open Letters






13 Feb 05

 Go to to sign up to support new hospital!

Thank you so much for your message of support for the proposed Viera Medical Center!

Adding your name to the growing list of Viera Medical Center supporters enables us to highlight to state regulators that a new hospital is urgently needed, and wanted, by residents of Viera and surrounding communities.

Over the coming months, we will keep you informed about our plans and activities to ensure that Viera Medical Center becomes a reality.

Again, thank you very much for joining our roster of supporters!

For more information and updates, please continue to check


Michael D. Means
President and CEO
Health First

15 Dec 04 - School Board, Time And Money Issues

   Robert Jordan's letter in Florida Today stating that what was put into the papers misconstrued what his attitude and meaning was at the school board meeting I find to be interesting. What was put into the newspapers was exactly what I saw when he made that statement at the school board meeting about being worth more than he was being paid! His attitude was defensive and even a bit arrogant. 

   It is possible that he now realizes just exactly how bad that looks and sounds especially when he already earns more than a starting full time teacher for a part-time obligation. I have no doubt that it is an intensive part-time obligation but part of the motivation is supposed to be providing for a better future by ensuring a quality education. The goal should always be what will bring about the optimum learning experience for the greatest number of students while making sure that those that can excel have the opportunity to do so. That is what his motivation should be, but it apparently lies somewhere else.

   Many of the problems that this country faces today can be traced to the fact that we have far too many politicians and few, if any, statesmen. What is the difference? It is huge. A politician marches to the party line or does what will secure his personal power regardless of the problems that it causes. A statesman does what is best for the country while upholding his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of United States. What we need in all elected offices are statesmen, not politicians. It may be a nonpartisan office but that doesn't stop the person elected to the school board from being a politician. A statesman's concern would be to make sure the best education possible was provided with the most effective use of the funding available instead of the politicians concern of maintaining his personal agenda.

   A statesman is the best person for all our elected offices.

Martin McClellan
Port St. John