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PSJHOA Dissolves




by Linda McKinney

On March 14, 2005, the PSJHOA Board of Directors voted six (6) to nothing (0) to dissolve the PSJHOA. Their reasons, as given in the PSJHOA Newsletter (April 2005 Final Issue):

Decrease in membership (only 120 paid members)  Attendance lower than the required 21 members for a forum, thus unable to fill vacancies on Board. Inability to find anyone to fill Secretary position, even as a stand-in position. No one was willing to take any leadership (Officer or Board) positions for the upcoming elections

Thus, the PSJHOA is legally dissolved with the filing of the PSJHOA's paperwork  President, Helen Dezendorf, did the paperwork and sent it in.

The PSJHOA newsletter, states that their treasury was evenly distributed to the following PSJ not-for-profit organizations:

The PSJ Seniors Organization
The PSJ Library Playground Fund
The PSJ Christmas Decoration Fund
The Space Coast Junior/Senior High School Band

Division of Corporations Document.  PSJHOA.pdf