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Port St John Home Owners' Association
Posts Bouncer at Meetings

Why A Bouncer?

Well, it’s coming time for another PSJHOA meeting on November 9th at 7:00 p.m. If you’ve attended the past two meetings, haven’t you wondered why the HOA has posted a Bouncer at the door?  If you are on the “Do Not Admit” list, the Bouncer stands resolutely, scowl on her face, arms crossed and steel in her eyes as she spews out the usual words, “You’re not welcome here.” 

Not welcome here?

Not welcome to an open public meeting in Brevard County’s PSJ Library meeting room, that -- according to their bylaws – any PSJ home owner may attend?

And, yet, no matter what State Statutes say; no matter what the bylaws say; the Bouncer will deny some residents [home owners] entry.

This month, will the Bouncer be a female for the 3rd time, or will they finally send a real man?

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