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What's all the fuss about Desalination?




By Linda McKinney

What’s all the fuss about desalination?

There are alarmists in PSJ who would have us believe that a local desalination plant is the worst thing that could ever happen. There they go again. What is there to fear about data being gathered? What is there to fear about scientific modeling being done? What is there to fear about finding out if something will be good or bad for an eco-system? Nothing: that’s what. The studies have not been completed yet. So why does the author of the cover article in the May Happenings seem to be trying to scare PSJ with so much innuendo? Why does the President of the PSJ Home Owners’ Association state: “All that water out there is going to hell in a hand basket if this [desalination plant] is not stopped.” (April 13, 2004, HOA meeting)?

Desalination (considering Florida’s borders) is a reasonable resource. We have power plants that would do some of the work for it. Intake and outflow are covered by those plants: which leaves treatment. But there are also ecological considerations. That’s why the St. Johns River Water Management District, the Marine Resources Council and the PSJ Bulletin agree to the following principle: development will not be encouraged unless data is collected, studied with scientific models, and then only if reports indicate salinity levels will not adversely affect the water quality of the PSJ area Indian River Lagoon. Both organizations are collecting data and doing studies and the County Commission, the Brevard Water Supply Board and the PSJ Bulletin are awaiting results. Decisions will not be made – and building will not begin – until completed studies prove that the Indian River Lagoon in our area will not be adversely affected. Period.

The sky is not falling, so the next time alarmists cry wolf, please remember who is crying and check the facts yourself before anyone cringes in the corner as the alarmists desire. Don’t believe every horror story you read or hear. Do the research for yourself. On this links page, you will find links to information on desalination plants, reverse osmosis (the type of desalination plant they are considering using locally) and on scientific modeling. Please research for yourself. 




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