- Dan Cook Interview
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Dan Cook
PSJ Community Center Coordinator




Daniel “Dan” Cook believes that, “All children are angels, it’s just that they’re misunderstood or misinformed.” He is the Port St. John Community Center Coordinator and has been working there for six years. A previous U.S. Space Camp Supervisor, he oversees one full time Community Center employee; four part time employees; and fourteen seasonal employees. Add to that thirteen teenage volunteers and you have a busy man on strictly personnel issues.

The PSJ Community Center’s schedule keeps him hopping as well. A monthly average schedule will see 8 to 12 groups meeting at the PSJ Community Center. Then there are special events – weddings, parties, etc. – that add their special needs. “Juggling times and dates for facility use,” is the most challenging part of his job.

That’s why his job is mostly supervisory; he doesn’t have much time to get in there and get his hands into the activities of the kids who go there. Whatever time is left, though, he enjoys using it for the Teen Council, Active Community Teen (A.C.T.) — a board that plans special events and programs for teens, children and adults in the PSJ area — and wants parents to know, “That their children are safe, but the staff cannot see or hear everything.”

Mr. Cook’s most memorable event at the Community Center: their first Christmas tree and how people contributed to decorating it and brought in their homemade decorations.




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