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Amy Tidd was one of the people who had her fingers in a lot of pies in Port St. John. She was involved in the Port St. John Home Owners' Association, the Port St. John Dependent Special District Advisory Board and wanted to EXPAND the PSJ AB's influence into the area they were trying to incorporate and appeared at the BOCC to PUSH for doing so in April of 2002, the PSJ4T Incorporation group, had a short-lived Saturday morning talk show on WMEL (AM 1300), member of the Brevard County Recycling Committee, and she was a School Board Local Planning Agency Representative (although I'm not certain that the title/appointment meant she was ON the SCHOOL BOARD itself). She also ran for public office in Brevard County: elected to the PSJ Dependent Special District Advisory Board their first term (1996), unopposed her second term and appointed thereafter. She ran once as a candidate for D4 County Commissioner and twice for District 30 State Represtentative. She has her Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (PoliSci) so she thinks she's qualified. After her PSJ4T's unsuccesful bid to incorporate Port St. John and forcibly incorporate five other communities, she packed up quickly and moved to Rockledge. If this was a move that was supposed to happen all along, why bother being involved in trying to change PSJ? If it wasn't planned until after the defeat, why leave if she wasn't worried about facing her neighbors after her involvement in the incorporation effort?

Amy Tidd is a Progressive ("Amy Tidd @AmyTidd Some facts for tonight's debate http://thinkprogress.org ), vegetarian, pro-abortion liberal Catholic who puts the environment first and disobeys the Pope when it comes to abortion and the life of the baby (Hypocrisy at its finest). Get that? No. Neither do I.

Amy Tidd has a history of being unintelligible: "They have put their trust in other and me people on the advisory board and so I have tried to keep PSJ a great place to live." The graphic at the top of the page captures some of her favorite "-isms": "Interesting" she used a lot during the incorporation battle. The "I mean" and "You know?/You know." she used on her radio show a lot (a lot!). Thus their incorporation into the header.

Amy Tidd has some supporters in Brevard County. Amongst those supporters are her buddy, Maureen Rupe (who also has a page on PSJHistory.com and a lot of information on her at SCC) and the other Progressives in the County. Birds of a feather, you know. She's a "whiz at budgeting" (MAJOR sarcasm).

Here's to hoping that Amy Tidd is not going to run for public office again. If she does I hope this page will help people get the truth about her. I may add more later. We'll see.

July 28, 2016: 2:24 p.m.  

"They have put their trust in other and me people"
Aaaaarrrggghhhh!!! She's at it again! Ego on parade! She's been defeated so many times her head should spin every time she considers running but, no! She's running again!:
"Amy Tidd @AmyTidd Jun 25
"Yesterday I filed to run for Florida State Senate District 17. "#sayfie #Brevard #IndianRiverCounty @FlaDems"
Seriously, folks! She's trying again! Now do I have to remind you about all of the stupid that is tiddlywinks? She's got a few supporters (besides herself) but considering that she's running in the Primary (August 30th: remember early voting starts Aug. 20th), for the dumboRAT candidate UNOPPOSED (so far), she won't even be on the Primary ballot unlesss she gets an opposing dumboRAT to run against her. She WILL have to be on the General Election ballot against the Republican candidate and any Independents or Write-Ins, but what an ego! She thinks you love her! Remember: tiddlywinks is the one who thought that this was a budget! She's the one responsible for the proving how far in the whole PSJ - The City would have been. She's the one who said (the ellipses stand for pauses that she actually used) she
"spent months with the City of Cocoa. Interesting. Went down to the City of Rockledge, and we were.... Realized how they had their... They could account for all of their money in the City of Rockledge. It was really interesting. Their figures balanced. I couldn't find $11 million in the City of Cocoa. So..."
This from a Poli-Sci major who put together a two page bodge-it for a city of over 25,000 people! She "couldn't find" $11 MILLION that the City of Rockledge's Auditors, CPAs and bookkeepers COULD NOT FIND, somehow missed (note she didn't say whether Rockledge's budget was OVER OR UNDER by $11 Million, just should "couldn't find") and she magically, mysteriously figured out that all of those CPAs and Auditors were so inept, so dunderheaded that it took tiddlywinks to "find" the error! Yeah. She's just that good in her own head. tiddlywinks is also one of those who threatens others if you prove them wrong, inept or if you oppose them in the things they want. She threatened me because I dared oppose her on the incorporation issue:
"publicly apologize on your website to me, then I will not proceed further at this time with the action I have begun against you."
Please note the grammar, spelling and punctuation of that letter. For instance:
"They have put their trust in other and me people"
Really. That's an exact, unedited quote. Want her representing you? My response to her threat is here. If you are unfamiliar with it I think you will get a good giggle -- or even perhaps a side splitting chortle -- out of it. Read through her introduction and statements in the PSJ Incorporation Debate. Warning: Laughing yourself silly is a distinct possibility. Imagine that as a State Senator. Remember: The people pushing FOR PSJ Incorporation said that we'd have only a 0.5 increase in the millage rate in taxes. Reality was MUCH different and that was way back in 2002! Imagine her voting for YOUR taxes? Would she even understand them? I wrote this the last time she ran (for District 30 in 2010), (she ran in 2016 for Florida State SENATE) and it's still true today. She would be a disaster. tiddlywinks is or was a member of the Rockledge Business Development Committee and she was a "political adviser" (link unavailable if you're not a LinkedIn member or using Brave web browser: switch to Safari or Edge), a talk radio host (page unavailable if you're not a member of the Space Coast Progressive Alliance: funny how lefties hide their past from people if they're doing bad things, isn't it?) and for a little while she was a financial advisor (get the full report here). According to the SEC, she currently is NOT working as an investment advisor:
"This individual is not currently registered as an Investment Adviser Representative."
She's also listed with FINRA as
"This individual is not currently licensed to act as a broker"
But she is listed with Dunn & Bradstreet as working out of her house and someone who does "Business Information Reports ($121.99 each); uses "Credit Evaluator Plus" to analyze the credit of your company ($61.99 per report); give you continuous credit to your credit score via "Credit Advisor" ($188 per report); and "Credit Reporter" in which you call them for more information. Her Dunn and Bradstreet business advisor business at her house is allegedly making over $100,000 annually, but there's no business incorporation info with the State of Florida at Sunbiz.org. I can't imagine myself taking investment or business advice from her considering her bodge-it for the incorporation push. Gives me shivers. But if you want to, go for it! She may surprise me. Her FaceBook page is here. Nor is there a business license tax receipt on file with Brevard County. So that makes me go "Hmmm..." She's listed as having a business at her home since 2010 (UPDATE: Again, locked out without membership.) but I also checked with the City of Rockledge and she wasn't licensed to operate a business out of her home. So she wants to WRITE LAWS FOR US TO OBEY, but SHE REFUSES TO ABIDE BY THE LAWS HERSELF. Rememeber, she WAS on the Rockledge Business Development Committee and if this is the way she goes about developing businesses, she's going about it the wrong way!

She was allegedly rated "A" with the NRA but that changed in her 2016 race. That was back in 2008, 2010 and 2016 and she has a 100% SUPPORT rating for Planned AbortionHood and her previous funding came from the usual LEFTIE/PROGRESSIVE/LIBERAL sources. She did NOT take the 2016 (or the previous) "Political Courage Test" yet so I don't know how that works. She did serve 6 years in the U.S. Navy so she's a veteran. In 2010 she lost to Ritch Workman According to her Twitter feed she supports hillclintOOn. Ugh. She pays her property taxes on the home she owns with her hubby.

(Paid political advertisement. Paid for and approved by Linda McKinney 6025 Keystone Ave. Port St. John, FL 32927, Independent of any candidate, campaign, committee, or bad bodge-itter with a possible unlicensed home business.)

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