Below is a copy of the “Citizen Survey for the Feasibility Study”, distributed in July 2001 by Port St. John for Tomorrow (the PAC). If you did not receive this survey, you were not alone.  Why didn’t everyone who would be effected by the new “Bare Bones City of Port St. John” receive this survey? In particular, why were residents of Frontenac, Williams Point, and Hardeeville prevented from receiving the survey?  Were they overlooked, or did Port St. John for Tomorrow choose to exclude them?

There exists a huge difference between unincorporated Port St. John and the proposed  “Bare Bones City of Port St. John”.

  • Unincorporated Port St. John has historically been considered to be the area between the Indian River on the east, St. Johns River on the west, Kings Highway / Ranch Rd. on the north, and Bridge Rd. on the south.
  • The south border of the proposed “City of Port St. John” will extend an additional  1.5 miles, all the way to Camp Rd.
  • Residents of Frontenac, Williams Point, and Hardeeville will be victims of this Port St. John for Tomorrow land grab!

A careful reading of the “Citizen Survey” could lead one to conclude that it has another purpose, to create fear of annexation. What irony!  Those who would scare residents with alarming warnings of annexation by Titusville or Cocoa, have orchestrated a political scenario by which Frontenac, Williams Point, and Hardeeville are swallowed up by the proposed “City of Port St. John”.

Still there are residents who, when asked their opinion about incorporation, reply that they are not in favor of incorporation, but if it would prevent annexation by either Titusville or Cocoa or forced sewers, they would reluctantly vote to incorporate.

And now, the truth -- No municipality can annex us without our permission.   “2001 Florida Statutes, Title XII, Chapter 171” 171.0413 Annexation procedures, Paragraph 2.” Following the final adoption of the ordinance of annexation by the governing body of the annexing municipality, the ordinance shall be submitted to a vote of the registered electors of the area proposed to be annexed.”

Concerning sewers, a Brevard County sewer system exists in P.S.J. It serves businesses, much of the front of P.S.J. and the schools west of the I-95. The system has adequate capability for expansion. At a recent Civic League meeting, State Representative Bob Allen said we are far more likely to be forced onto sewer if we become a city than if we remain unincorporated.  He said the State of Florida has greater success forcing sewer mandates onto small towns than entire counties.

Port St. John … a City?     Its a bad idea!

You will get “Bare Bones Services” and pay higher taxes. 

Why slide backwards?

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