The Information That Happenings Omitted

 #1.     By now, you have probably seen the October issue of Happenings. Obviously it is the mouthpiece of “Port St. John for Tomorrow”.  The Civic League is opposed to incorporation; it is our consistent single issue. What is there to debate? We have proved our point. The burden of proof is on them. We have exposed PSJFT’s annexation scare tactics, and exposed PSJFT’s reduction in police protection, and exposed PSJFT’s under-funded bare bones city, and exposed PSJFT’s 5 different proposed budgets, and exposed PSJFT’s airport scare tactics, and exposed PSJFT’s immoral land grab attempt on residents of Williams Point, Frontenac, and Hardeeville, and exposed the approx. 60 million dollar sewage treatment that will be forced on you if PSJ incorporates. 

#2.    Now we have another opportunity to expose PSJFT. The front-page article titled “Here’s Your Sign” failed to include a very important email.  Following is the complete email text from Sharon Luba, Manager, Space Coast Government Television to Peter Costello, dated Friday, September 13, 2002, 3:23 PM.  Without this critical email, the story front-page story is incomplete and inaccurate. The Civic League was never contacted about this intended debate even though Ms Tidd “assured” Sharon Luba that we had been invited.

“ I received a call September 11 from Ms. Amy Tidd requesting the Commission Room and televising of a debate of both sides of the Port St. John incorporation issue with cooperation from the Space Coast League of Women Voters as moderators of the debate.  I explained to Ms. Tidd what was required for both sponsorship, televising and fees, and that the request would need to be agendaed for the Board of County Commissioners' consideration.  SCGTV is co-owned by the Commission and each Brevard County municipality.  It is certainly not the policy of Space Coast Government Television to televise ballot issues without the equal time guidelines being met and Ms. Tidd was made aware of that.  In fact, I asked if all parties concerned with the proposed debate (pro and con) were participating, and she( Amy Tidd) assured me that they were invited by the LWV.
Please contact me should you have further questions...
Sharon Luba
Space Coast Government Television
(321) 690-6843”

Truth does change stories!


#3.      To quote from a recent PSJFT flyer ".... the budget isn't a factor".  Finally, we have some printed insight about the incorporationists.  If they want more money, it’s a simple matter: they just take it from you, the taxpayer.

The Civic League believes, THE BUDGET IS ALWAYS A FACTOR!


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