To be accused, on July 25th, by Bob Rupe of distorting the truth regarding Port St. John incorporation is beyond belief, since he agrees with the pro-city group who present an incomplete, therefore by definition, an inaccurate budget.

     The threat of hostile annexation by Titusville is a deceptive scare tactic used by the pro-city group. It appears this group enjoys inventing calamities! The truth about annexation is found in the Florida Statutes chapter 171.0413. We cannot be annexed against our will. UCF’s David Laney, the author of the $20,000.00 (County authorized) Feasibility Study, concluded that incorporation could work, provided PSJ residents settle for “Bare Bones” services and a tax increase. The pro-city group confirms his statement concerning Bare Bones services. According to their proposed budget, they have decided to reduce our police protection to less than two deputies per shift patrolling all of PSJ’s 16 square miles from Kings Highway to Camp Rd, and we will get a tax increase!

     These are uncertain times. Why would anyone vote to rock the boat by placing an additional one million dollar incorporation tax burden on PSJ residents when an adequate tax base does not exist?  PSJ residents don’t want more taxes, less police protection, and more government rules and regulations. A “Bare Bones” city would be a dangerous Pandora’s Box. Make the right choice. Vote against incorporation on November 5th!

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Richard Mickle
The Civic League of Port St. John, Inc.

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