In response to June 9th   article appearing in Florida today  Titusville expansion worries Port St. John”

“Amy Tidd worries what ….new neighbors to the north will mean.”

  • This is the same Amy Tidd, a member of the Political Action Committee, Port St. John for Tomorrow and who spoke in favor of permitting of the helicopter school at Tico Airport, and who in concert with her cronies is attempting the hostile take-over of three small communities to our south, specifically Williams Point, Frontenac, and Hardeeville by the proposed new City of Port St. John.  It seems odd that Ms. Tidd and her associates are so worried about the area to the north having so much alleged impact on PSJ, when recently they have attempted to orchestrate a take-over of the three communities south of Port St. John..

"Titusville seems to have aggressively annexed down (southward) since we've said we are going to incorporate," said Maureen Rupe….”

  • In her quote, Ms. Rupe is making the huge assumptions that a majority of PSJ voters will vote for incorporation on Nov  5th.   Ms. Rupe’s name frequently pops up when there is an opportunity to imply that we might be affected by annexation, and here it is again. Let’s be clear, Port St. John could incorporate only if residents vote to do so. At present there still remain some residents who have been wrongly convinced and therefore still believe that incorporation is our only protection from annexation by either Titusville or Cocoa.  Florida State Statutes clearly show, no unincorporated area can be hostilely annexed by a city. Chapter 171” 171.0413 Annexation procedures, “Following the final adoption of the ordinance (by the city)…, the ordinance shall be submitted to a vote of the registered electors of the area proposed to be annexed.”
  • You might be wondering, how Port St. John could take over Williams Point, Frontenac, and Hardeeville without their permission, when Titusville or Cocoa cannot hostilely annex Port St. John? The answer is a paradox.  When an unincorporated area is considering incorporation, it may include other contiguous unincorporated areas, yet the Florida Statute quoted above prevents a city from annexing without consent of voters from the area proposed for annexation.
  • Just to be clear, Titusville annexed the “Tico  land”, but the action was a  requested annexation by the landowner, Flagler Development Corp. 
  • The sewer issue scare tactic has gone hand in glove with the annexation scare tactic and therefore deserves comment. Neither Titusville nor Cocoa can force sewer upon Port St. John because we already have a Brevard County Sewer System in place. It serves much of the residential area east of the tracks most of the businesses and the two schools west of Interstate-95. If and when the time comes as determined by the State of Florida, that we must go on sewers, the capacity to expand our present sewer plant to meet future needs exists.

So what is all this fuss about changing unincorporated Port St. John into a city? Certainly there is no need to do it for protection from our neighbors. Secondly, there is not sufficient tax base to create a viable city. Quoting an April 24, 2002, Florida Today article by Marilyn Meyer  “David Laney, the (feasibility) study’s author, concluded incorporation would be feasible, presuming… the city would start off with bare bones services” while at the same time levying more taxes. Why on earth would we want to pay more taxes and slide backwards to bare bones services? For example, why decrease from the current 3 deputies per shift to 1.4 deputies per shift? This is not acceptable! Why self inflict another layer of government? Are not the Federal, State of Florida, and Brevard County governments and taxes more than enough?  Residents of the greater Port St. John area need only look to recent newspaper reports about Palm Bay and their potential seven million dollar shortfall, possible police and firemen and other layoffs, fire station closings, and their hanky panky chronicles.  It should give one serious pause. And finally, it should be pointed out that the political action committee Port St. John for Tomorrow does not represent the majority of Port St. John residents.

Residents of unincorporated Port St. John, Frontenac, Hardeeville and Williams Point want no part of a Bare Bones City of Port St. John.

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