Don't fear annexation
By Linda McKinney, Port St. John

Florida Today, Saturday August 24, 2002
Letters to the Editor

Despite what an Aug. 19 letter claimed, the lack of incorporation of Port St. John will not allow Titusville to come annex us --in court or elsewhere. And Titusville's own laws -- City Ordinance 21-1, Water -- prevent them from giving us sewer or water service without our first agreeing to annexation.

I called the Department of Community Affairs and got copies of the findings of the five reviewing committees on Port St. John.

If the community does incorporate, according to the DCA, we will have to add sewer. Go to the Cocoa library's second-floor document section and ask to see the comments from the five committees that reviewed the Port St. John Feasibility Study.

If we want to ensure forced sewer service, then incorporate. If we want the county to continue to stand between us and sewer service, vote against incorporation.

Editors Note:

This is staggeringly important information regarding your future and your wallet!

Research this week has yielded information that a new sewer treatment plant and the main lines needed will cost approximately $50,000,000.00.  Yes folks, that will be 50 million dollars!  That sounds taxing to me!!!

If they had studied the feasibility study as they claim, why have they withheld this vital information from PSJ residents? 

As far as can be determined, no member of the pro-incorporation Port St. John for Tomorrow, has any actual experience in running a city government. It would be foolish to let them learn and make costly mistakes at our expense.


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