Civic League of Port St. John

Notice to concern all Port St. John residents and business owners

The Civic League of Port St. John is a collection of Port St. John residents opposed to incorporation who seek to protect property rights and pocketbooks from bureaucratic government strategies that do not include the participation of all.

*Are you questioning the Port St. John incorporation movement and not getting answers?

* Have you been given the opportunity to voice your opinions in the Home Owners' Association meetings or the Port St. John 4 Tomorrow meetings?

* Do you realize that the vote for incorporation will be on the November 5th ballot AND if voted in, Port St. John will be a city December 31, 2002?

* Tired of scare tactics on the part of the few who want Port St. John to become a city?

No municipality can annex the community of Port St. John without a majority vote of the residents of Port St. John without a majority vote of the residents of Port St. John.  See "The 2001 Florida Statutes, Title XII, Chapter 17 1 " 171.0413 Annexation procedures, Paragraph 2(e).

Do you know that if we become a city, we will continue to receive present county services for one year, then services will have to be contracted by the City of Port St, John to outside agencies (by bid) for services to continue?  These services include fire protection, street/ road maintenance, street lighting, traffic control, refuse removal, insurance, a city communication system, and many others too numerous to mention (for which you now pay county taxes).  Your county tax rate will not change, and will still have to pay taxes to the City of Port St. Port St. John.  Not to mention buildings to house the new city administration.

The Feasibility study addressed only one of the contracts, that of police protection.  Why?  Because the producer of the study clearly stated "He had no way of knowing what those contract prices would be." What we now receive from the county will not necessarily be the same price when we are soliciting bids as an incorporated entity.  In other words services contracted by the City of Port John would have been an approximation, so many crucial services were omitted from equations in the feasibility study.

Would you like an opportunity to voice your opinions, and to seek the truth about this incorporation movement?  No free-for-all, no shouting match, you will be given an opportunity to speak and you will be heard.

Check the front page of this website for meeting times, dates and places.


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