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What’s Wrong With Our Money?




By Linda McKinney

What is wrong with the money the PSJ Bulletin offered to sponsor the 4th of July fireworks celebration? We gave a serious offer of $100 to sponsor it and we were told we couldn’t. Sponsoring the event with at least $100 would have gotten our name on the T-shirt and good advertising via the “Thank you” list. Why was our offer turned down? We like fireworks as much as the next person. We need advertising just as much as any business. We were offering to help our community and yet, Randy Rodriguez turned our offer down.

What is wrong with the PSJ Bulletin’s money? Is it not as good as any other sponsor’s? 

Or is this about something else? Is this about the fact that PSJ Bulletin is the competition? Or is it due to the fact that both Pete and I were on the “vote no” side of the incorporation battle? 

Did you know that we did a column inch count of Randy’s magazine and found that during the incorporation battle, he gave 99.035% more space to the PRO-incorporation side than to the “vote no” side? Was he biased, does he harbor dislike and resentment, or is our money not good enough?




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